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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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another court appearance today for a former substitute teacher accused of sexually exploiting a student. cbs 2 news reporter dora miller is just back from the linn county court house with the latest on mary beth haglin. the interview from the dr. phil show was one of the main talking points at today's
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argues that allowing the show as evidence could shift the focus of the trial to what haglin has done ?since the address that, the state says they will redact things like dr. phil's comments about haglin...when we left court today, there was no ruling on whether the dr. phil show will be admissible. but the defense will meet with judge tomorrow to discuss any concerns.we do know that interviews with local television shows will not be referenced during the trial. for now -- the trial is still scheduled to start on monday in tama county.dora miller, the cedar rapids police union is now publicly supporting officer lucas jones.he's the man who pulled over jereime mitchell on november first.police say mitchell started a fight and that's when officer jones shot him.mitchell's family says he remains in the hospital and is paralyzed. several people have called for the release of officer jones' dash-cam video of the traffic stop--and the linn county attorney has since ordered a grand jury investigation. while supporting officer jones, the union says it has no more
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case than the rest of the public. cbs 2 news is learning disturbing new details about a deadly school bus crash in tennessee.a parent of one of the children on the bus now details about a deadly school bus crash in tennessee. a parent of one of the children on the bus said the driver asked the kids if they were ready to die. five children were killed in the crash. 23 others were taken to the hospital. they say the driver, 24-year-old was speeding when the bus slammed into a tree. she is now charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. this tragedy comes as many schools consider equipping buses with seatbelts. as we first reported last month the des moines school district is adding lap and shoulder belts to one bus as part of a study. between 2004 and 2013 61 people died while riding a school bus.
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at the city. joe joins us live to tell us how. joe. >> yeah, solid waste agency site number one better known as mount trashmore is arguably the best view in cedar rapids and next year it could be opening to the public. the agency has proposed a look out near the summit. the proposal includes a gazebo, landscaping but this is just the start of a more extensive plan. "the thing to remember is this is still going to be a working extensive plan. >> the thing to remember is this is still going to be a working facility as well as a recycling facility. the next phase will be putting
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and walking trails. >> a public hearing for the proposal has been set for december 20th at the linn county public service center. back to you. many believe mount trashmore ll: when flood waters threaten the city of five seasons - we don't focus on the top of the the city of five seasons we don't focus on the cedar river tower. we focus on other low points. maybe the buildings are feeling a bit neglected but a tour of this town tells one tall tail. there can only be one winner of the highest point in cedar rapids right? so which is it? >> the tallest man made goes to
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it is 50 years of garbage kissing the clouds. the title for the highest natural point belongs to mount mercy boasting an elevation of 932 feet according to the united states geological survey. the tallest building goes to reliant energy. nearly 50 feet taller than cedar river tower. but alie i can't is about to be pushed off it's pedal stool by this. >> obviously the mass and scale of the project is very week to cedar rapids. >> the place was declared financially viable after an independent review. he said the space will be good for the downtown. >> you have hotel space, you have -- different types of housing, either rental, owned or occupied office as well as retail. it merges a lot of those things we are really trying to promote in the city's core and elsewhere all in one building. >> city officials say they hope
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negotiations within the next few weeks. back to you. some formers are now asking iowa lawmakers to allow another crop to grow in the state's rich soil. the 2014 farmville allows states to grow industrial hemp for research. iowa hasn't legalized it yet and some are cautious about it's similarity to marijuana. we show you to change that. >> right now there is a study committee looking into the possibility of having an industrial hemp program here in iowa. hemp farmers testified in front of lawmakers trying to separate fact from fiction about the plant with hopes to bring their movement to the state. companies are already using imported hemp and car parts, paper and cloth but when the program study committee met --
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farmville that allows it, but it is still a schedule one narcotic by dea. >> what is the experience of the other states that have passed industrial hemp laws? >> hemp farmers lewis and trojan say their experiences in their states are nothing short of great. >> it is 150 jobs either impacted of created as a result of 350 acres of farming. >> our target about $1,500 to $2,000 an acre before expenses going back to the farmers. . >> you know people in america are behind that. you know they understand the difference between hemp and marijuana. >> and supporters who want to reap the financial and health benefits of hemp hope lawmakers can understand why. >> we want to be -- an innovative state but -- there again we want to make sure if we
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responsible manner. >> the next step for lawmaker social security to come together to discuss what they learned within their committee to see what recommendations they should provide to the legislature. back to you. still to come, the program rewarding shoppers for buying local -- [ indiscernible ] and it has not been a very nice day here in eastern iowa. lots of showers scattered around. cool temperatures too. this system is not done with us yet. we will be tracking rain, not only tonightut tomorrow morning. that should kick out by thanksgiving day.
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shopping season - and before you hit the stores on thanksgiving and black friday - see what toy experts say are the new and trendy toys this a local chamber of commerce initiative is rewarding shoppers for taking their holiday lists to area a local chamber of commerce initiative is rewarding shoppers for taking their list to area stores. >> one of the stores participating in the chamber of commerce is hoping to encourage local spending. there are 12 businesses on the list to visit from bikes to furniture to food. chamber representatives say there is no purchase necessary to sign up. tickets go into three drawings commerce says spending money at corridor businesses instead of going online or out of town
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"they employ people, they pay property taxes, they're great about donating into the local economy. when you go online and shop elsewhere, that's not furthering the iowa city area or johnson county."for a list of participating stores, go to >> for more information about the buy here holiday blitz or any of the participating stores go back to you. now if the rain was more snow we would feel a little bit more holidayish. >> we would but a lot of people would be on the roads and you don't need that happening. >> that is true. >> it is just raw and windy and cool out there. just a gnarly day. i had a tough time getting out of bed this morning. here is the system. the low pressure is way down in
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midwest. while we have light precipitation scattered around now, some heavier rains are reforming down to the southwest. this is all going to go northwest and be in the area through tonight and at least into the morning hours tomorrow. let's get in closer on the radar now. you can see all these waves of precipitation moving to the northeast. they don't stay in one spot particularly long. there is a there than there was earlier on this evening. further to the south some showers now showing up. some more just coming through cedar rapids now. they extend along highway 30 back towards this area here and a few more northeast of iowa city there probably a little north of tipton. in the commute tomorrow temperatures will be in the mid 30s and there will be still some wet conditions on area roads but
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be above the freezing mark and no freezing precipitation is expected. so the showers tomorrow will be diminishing. then we get to thanksgiving day and that looks dry around eastern iowa. late thursday night there is a chance a little bit of light snow or some mixed precipitation could form up in our northern counties but it looks very light. nothing that would accumulate on the roads. we are not expecting problems there. by black friday that is all gone so you shoppers can mostly cloudy skies and cool conditions. here is our storm system to night which is down here in kansas. it is throwing a little moisture northward. that is what is causing our precipitation. before this thing moves on off the area it looks like precipitation totals from here on out should range -- [ indiscernible ] it is the first time we have seen precipitation in 19
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is a good thing. on our predictor you can see how the showers continue lifting northward. here we are at midnight. finally 6:00 a.m. we still have a few showers scattered around. after 6:00 a.m. they start kicking off to the east. by noontime the rain is pretty much over. we will clear things out a little bit for thanksgiving day. in the north tonight low temperatures right in the range of 33 to 36 degrees with occasional light rain. in the south same story occasional showers around. temperatures around 36 in cedar rapids. 38 in iowa city. in the north tomorrow temperatures here upper 30s to around 40 degrees. most of the rain showers coming to an end by mid afternoon. our southern counties it will start damp but i through the showers pretty well gone by 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon and temperatures ranging from around 40 in the northern sections of our southern counties to 45 down south. and your extended forecast here has a dry day for thanksgiving day.
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thursday night, especially in the north. 40 for a temperature. the weekend, wow we bumped up the temperatures there. there's a slight chance for some showers late in the day on sunday. but 50s back on the board by the time we get to the weekend. >> nice to see that. weather first team coverage continues now with your corridor commute. >> rebecca has some updates on projects that could clear the way for your thanksgiving travel plans. >> yeah we actually have two projects that finished today that will open up some roads for right now an update on current conditions. everything is green. we have a little icon showing up down south close to north liberty and tipton. that is where there was some traffic earlier on today but now at i-380 and i-80 everything is starting to move along nicely. there is no longer any traffic
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slowed down. [ indiscernible ] they have finished the work they were doing there so now that will all be done and that is the end of that project and then eastbound on washington street one road will be reopened starting tomorrow. all traffic will be open on washington street next month. coming up in sports, it is senior day and it is a trophy game. why the hawks are preparing for the huskers like it is just another game. that is from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle marsh. (??turn??)isis has used chemical weapons at least 52 times in iraq and syria. the new report says more than one- third of those chemical attacks have come in and around mosul.the attacks were scattered and varied in their delivery systems.(??take vo??)
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traveling in europe to be aware of a "heightened risk of terrorist attacks" during the holiday season.its urging travelers to avoid large crowds.the advisory is set to expire at the end of february. (??on cam??)and, a new york man is under arrest for plotting an attack on times square.the 37-year old is also accused for trying to join isis at least five times. from the terrorism alert desk in
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it's hard to belive that it's the final week of college football's regular it is hard to believe it is the final week of college football's regular season but it is. friday it is the hawks senior day and there is a trophy on the line but as we found out, the guys just want to finish strong. >> friday is iowa's final regular season game. but it is also senior day in iowa city. >> i thought about it all week. just knowing i more days till my last game here. >> when you get here you are so far away from that day coming and time goes by so fast. it is already here. >> it is the message this week has been finishing things the right way. it's -- i mean, as much as we like to focus on the senior day ceremony and all that stuff, we still have a game to play. >> and it is not just any game,
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prove they are putting it together when it matters most. >> you have to look down and just focus. that is the main part of playing in november. you have to really focus. >> i'm just happy we kind of got our stuff figured out. especially against michigan, illinois. >> as for figuring out just who will be starting at quarterback for the huskers on friday -- >> i don't matter if it is frazier from way back. they can put anybody in there. tenth scombin we are -- win and we are trying to get our eighth win. >> and a win on senior day doesn't sound half bad either. back to you. the short week moves everything iowa football up including eye on the hawks. don't forget to check out the final show of the season 6:30 on
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like iowa it is also senior day for iowa state. [ indiscernible ] even with all that, saturday will be one they remember. >> as of right now it doesn't feel real. i don't think it will hit me till -- i walk out there for my final ti long time but at the same time it goes fast. um -- so i think it is going to be a lot of -- you know good emotions as far as the team. >> two senior days friday, saturday, both of them trying to close out the season on three game win streaks. >> it will be exciting. >> yeah. >> thank you.
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millions of americans are getting ready for the holidays. as you know millions of americans are getting ready for the holidays. many of those conversations could lead conversations during dinner. tonight at 10:00 -- [ indiscernible ] we are working on that right now for cbs 2 news 10 at 10:00. >> how about some door rules? >> sure. >> no politics during dinner. >> you don't want a good turkey to go to waste over arguments. just -- let's all get along. >> at least for a night. >> there you go. >> terry, what kind of a night will it be? >> a damp one. we still have showers around. these will go right on through tonight and into tomorrow
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any freezing precipitation. we think by afternoon most of the showers are gone. temperatures upper 30s to around 40 which is about where we were this afternoon. but better the butterburger is made of just three cuts of fresh midwest beef. nothing more, nothing less. so we got the sirloin, the chuck and the plate. no fillers; that's it. all prized cuts,
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wonderful cuts of beef come together. you can just tell that blend is working in there. and we sear them, and that seals in the juices of the burger. it doesn't get any better than that. and that's the culver's butterburger.
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kanye's breakdown. the kardashians' new crisis tonight. >> i'm going to run. >> kanye west still hospitalized here on a reported psyche hold when his friends and family are telling only "e.t." >> show's over! >> then making a royal turn red. prince harry put in the hot seat over his new holly girlfriend. what we just learned about a possible honeymoon destination as we sit down with meghan's sister. >> i am so proud -- >> what you never knew about the woman who could become the next princess. >> plus the jennifer aniston's "friends" bombshell, revealing what she absolutely hated about her most famous role. >> i don't mean to say that. >> and tv's most adorable couple is back. we're with chip and joanna gaines giving e.t." a sneak


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